Customizable body jewelry is no longer a fantasy with Bodyvibe’s original Plocket Plugs. Innovative design combined with mobile technology, people can now have truly personalized ear plugs that express their style and identity.

The Plocket plug is a fusion between a traditional locket and ear plug giving wearers the freedom to integrate their photos or designed images with the body jewelry. Available in 10 different gauge sizes to accommodate ears stretched up to one inch, Plockets offer body jewelry enthusiasts unique and creative ways of self-expression:

  • Confident of your art skills? Exhibit your design masterpiece.
  • Showing affection to a love one? Proudly wear your darling’s photo.
  • Endorsing a worthy cause? Express your support using logos or symbols.
  • Criticizing an organization? Dramatically protest with powerful and witty text.

And to help Plocket owners fully customize their original body jewelry, Bodyvibe also developed an accompanying mobile application: the Plocket App. Available for both iPhone and Android smartphones, users of the Plocket App can shoot or upload a photo, easily personalize it with various effects, then print and put it in your Plocket plugs to achieve a one-of-a-kind body jewelry.

Be creative. Be unique. Be yourself. Own your style and make it personal with Plocket Plugs.